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Delete network credential from IE

If you have mistakenly opted for "remember password" while opening sharepoint site (or any other site which opens a popup up for network credentials), then forcing IE to again start prompting for credentials is a pain unless you know the right think to do.
Everywhere you will get replies to delete cookies and other files by going into IE8>Settings>Content>AutoComplete>Delete Files. But this doesn't works for network credentials as they actually get stored by windows. Instead do following:
STEPS (applies to windows 7) 1. Click on start button 2. Type passwords and select Manage network passwords option from filtered list.
You will find saved URLs and passwords of saved credentials 3. Select Delete option for the saved credential you want to remove

disabling Page Cache

1. Create a new .cs file "MyHttpModule.cs"

publicclassMyHttpModule : IHttpModule

publicvoid Dispose()


publicvoid Init(HttpApplication context)
           context.PostRequestHandlerExecute +=newEventHandler(context_PostRequestHandlerExecute);

publicvoid context_PostRequestHandlerExecute(object sender, EventArgs e)

2. Register this module in web.config

Your all requests will automatically be skipped from caching.

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