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Handling CSS with JQuery

1. Modify class at runtime

1.1. If an element has multiple classes attached and you need to remove one of class (say 'oldclass') $(selector).removeClass("oldclass")

1.2. If you want to add a new class to an element (say 'newclass')

1.3. If you want to replace one of the class associated with element (say replace 'oldclass' with 'newclass') $(selector).removeClass('oldclass').addclass('newclass')

1.4. If you want to replace all classes with a different class
$(selector).attr('class','newclass') // with this one

2. Notes on using multiple classes.

2.1. If you want to specify multiple classes to an element, separate them with space.
<div class="class1 class2 class3"></div>
OR $('div').addClass('classA classB')
OR $('div').addClass('classA').addClass('classB')

2.2. More than the sequence in which classes are specified …