PHP form

In this tutorial we will know how to create PHP forms. To understand this tutorial you need to have basic idea about HTML form. Typically for collecting information from users we use PHP form. Many kinds of form we use to collect user information such as login form, registration form. PHP form start with <form> tag and ends with </form> tag. See the example below how PHP form works.

<form action="landing_page.php"

FirstName:<input type="text"
name="first_name" /><br />

LastName:<input type="text"
name="last_name" /><br />

<input type="submit"
value="submit" />


We usually use two parts in PHP form. The first part is action, and the second part is method. In the action part we use action page links. And in the method part we use method name such as $_GET or $_POST method. This method describes how we collect information from users.You can get more information about PHP $GET and $_POST from our tutorial section. 


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