PHP tutorial introduction

Here this is your first attempt on PHP web development. You are here, because you want to learn PHP through our PHP tutorial. If you already knew a lot about PHP, this web site may help you in some aspects. But if you have no idea about PHP or if you are trying to learn PHP, then this website will show you the way. Before starting this expedition you have to know the following subject such as HTML & JavaScript. 

Learning PHP is very easy and simple, we hope it will be a funny way. PHP is very simple language by comparing other programming languages. You can learn php from our website easily. I hope you will enjoy our PHP tutorial. We start with written PHP tutorial, at the same time I will try to provide video tutorial as well as PHP pdf tutorial so that you can understand our PHP tutorial easily. I suggest that firstly try to read the whole written php tutorial and then you can go to watch our video tutorial. Also you can download each php tutorial in a pdf format. So now we can start our php tutorial learning mission....... 


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