Why we learn PHP

In this episode we'll see why we are trying to learn PHP and Why PHP is so much razzle-dazzle. The question is, there have many web programming languages throughout the world but why we want to learn PHP. I hope it is easy to answer these questions, so let’s start with us to discover the question.

PHP is free. So you can easily use PHP without investing any costs.

PHP language is platform independent. Independent means it supports Windows platform, Linux platform without any hassle. You can use any operating system and PHP perform same in all operating system.

PHP is an object-oriented language. You cannot understand object-oriented languages now but I will discuss it. You can see object-oriented concept in our PHP object-oriented tutorial. PHP is now more popular because of object oriented capability.

There are millions of people continuously develop websites with PHP web programming language. The demand of PHP web programmer increases day by day. So by learning PHP web development you can easily build your career.
PHP was developed for web development. You want to develop dynamic website so PHP can help you to achieve your goal.

I have one question why you came to this site. Absolutely to learn PHP and PHP web development. So this is our little initiative to help you. We hope you will enjoy our tutorial.


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