Step by step blog creation tutorials using PHP & MySQL: Part-2

Today I will discuss Entity or Database analysis of a personal blog. I hope you will enjoy my tutoring. Before starting our tutorial at first read out our first PHP blog creation tutorial. 

In this day our discussion is about database analysis. So that we need to know what is database. I say that database is nothing but a storage house that store information with secured way. There are various types of database such as MySQL database, Oracle database, Microsoft SQL server etc. In our whole tutorial we user MySQL database. Because it is free and open source.
So guys lets start with us We hope you will enjoy every tutorials from us.

PHP blog Database Design:

Now we try to design our database for personal blog. Actually we represent all functional features in Database. We represent each function in the database as a table.  Note that we think every feature as a database table. So guys think how many tables we will create for our database. Take a look at the PHP blog database tables that is essential for blog creation.

Post: All posts will include here.
Category: We create category table for category.
Comments: All comments will store here.
User: All user information will be found here.

Now take a look at the graphical representation for those sections. 

Each section has different attributes such as user_id, user_first_name, user_last_name, user_email etc. Here I give all attributes

User: user_id, user_first_name, user_last_name, user_email, user_role.
Post: post_id, post_body, post_date.
Category: category_id, category_name.
Comments: comment_id, commeter_name, comment_date. 

We will create E-R diagram by consolidating all attributes in our next tutorial. E-R diagram is very important of developing any kind of PHP web application.  So wait for  our next tutorial. If you face any problem from our tutorials… please make sure your comment. We try our best to solve your problems.


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