10+ PHP project ideas for all

When I started my PHP learning, I tried to do some PHP project but I failed every time because I did not found any good direction about PHP project development. It was confusing but at last I develop my PHP skill with the help of some professional developers. Here I am just trying to help you from the scratch by which you can easily develop your PHP skill. 

Why you need to do PHP projects:

It creates little bit confusions in our mind why actually we do PHP project. The answer is very clear someone for money, someone for learning. I just clarify you that this blog was developed for providing education on PHP not to hire professional. Here I discuss some points which is the key benefits that you will acquire by doing PHP projects. 
  • We do PHP projects to develop our PHP skill that means we want to be a professional in this area. 
  • Wanting to implement our basic knowledge on PHP by doing some practical projects. For example, you think that you completed all basic php tutorials but it is not enough. You do not know how to apply basic knowledge in the project. So if you do more project then you will gather more experience.  
  •  You know all popular blogging platform like WordPress, Dru-pal, Joomla are comprised with PHP so if you want to be a master on these platform, PHP is must for you.
  • The last point I am trying to figure out that if you are a college or university student, then you need to submit some assignment to your teacher. So if you want to impress your teacher, then try to do some PHP projects for your future career.


Ten PHP project ideas: 

Now it is time to share with you some amazing PHP project ideas that will help you from the scratch. Everyone wants to develop something using PHP but they did not found any idea. Open your mind, here I discuss some PHP project ideas that reminds you oh! I forgot this idea, I am familiar with this. If you are a last year students or beginners, no matters it helps you very much. Here I consolidate some PHP project ideas for all.

PHP Shopping Cart Project:
It is very basic project for any PHP developers. When I was first learned PHP, I just start my PHP journey with this project. If you want to develop PHP project in the first time then it is ideal one for you. 
PHP Blogging System:
This projects useful for anyone who already completed PHP shopping cart project and want to hone his/her PHP skill.
Online Dictionary:
Online dictionary is another important project. You think that it is easy project. It is not easy project. You need to consolidate blogging system in this project. Such as an online dictionary site must have discussion blog. So try to do this.
Online Task Management System:
You can do a project for your school or college where students and teacher can manage their assignment easily or assigned task easily. User can create task, manage their task etc from online task management system software.
Online Exam System:
Online exam system is another popular project for PHP learners. In online exam system anyone can take exam and test their result. In popular tutorial website or blog uses live online system.
Blood Management System:
Blood Management System is a system where a user can register for blood, anyone can donate blood, anyone can search for blood. You can also add discussion section.
It is another PHP project idea has came in my mind now. E-learning, a simple php project for newbie. It has different attributes such as learning through online,
Online Newspaper: 
You already knew about online newspaper. It is for advanced level PHP developers.
Library Management System:
Didn't you consider this before. It is very common PHP project idea. You have observed your college or university library. So think what should be the necessary role will be used in Library Management System.   
Through this project you can automate the government tendering process. This project is less important.

Job Recruitment System:
You can search it's features through Google search engine. You can see the features in this site Job Recruitment System
Railway Ticket Management System:
You can take this project as a challenge. In every railway ticketing system transaction and security is very important. So you have to consider these issue. 
Project Management System: 
This project like task management system. I think it is not bad PHP project idea. You can develop this if you think that you have gathered enough experience in this field. 
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How can I improve my PHP skills: 

This is very important and tough question. How can I actually improve my PHP skills, is there any hidden tips that can help me to improve my PHP skills drastically. The answer is yes or no. It depends on your thinking, how actually you take it. If you have passion, then it will be very easy for you otherwise it is not possible. I figure out one tips for you try to do more PHP projects this is my hidden tips for everyone. Try to implement at least three or four PHP project. In my blog I will discuss each PHP project and will provide you source code. So don't worry! just try to follow our blog. We hope you will be able to develop your PHP skills.


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