Architecting scrum

Thoughts on Engineering Design and Analysis phase, specific to running sprints. Thoughts are based on assumption that PO is ready with sprint items.
I. Pre-requisites:
-     Understanding sprint requirements:
  • New User Stories
    • Story Specifications Walk through (PO, QA, Dev)
    • Understanding Acceptance Criteria
    • Wireframes walkthrough (where available)
  • Gathering performance and security requirements
  • Walk through of issues to be resolved in sprint and their priorities

II. Architecting Process
 -     Technical Impact Analysis (Very Important for running sprints) – Identifying impact on existing application against implementation thought for new stories/issues 
-       Planning implementation of any technical change in process/technology based on previous sprint review, retrospective meetings or any feedback from client
-       Decision Analysis & Resolution – Identifying the need for following based on sprint requirements and alternatives evaluation using a comparative matrix:
  • New Tools
  • New Libraries required – Paid/ Open-Source
  • Major Framework Level Changes
-     Planning Technical tasks
  • Breaking of user story into concrete technical tasks
  • Estimating tasks using Planning Poker or any other estimation tool
-      Preparing Support Documents – Level of documentation is subject to preferences as laid by client. (Personally, I rarely  see much documentation happening in running sprints)
  • High Level Design
    • Logical Entity diagrams
    • DFD/Flowcharts
    • Proof of concept where a new library/framework is applied
    • Test cases
  • LLD
    • Component level diagrams
    • Physical ER diagrams


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