7 Modules- Making your Drupal website responsive and more mobile friendly

Here we will discuss about the seven modules that plays an important responsibility in creating your Drupal 7 website more responsive and more mobile friendly. It is now become very important to cope with the size of the handheld devices used by the people to cater their needs.

Adaptive Image:

Adaptive Image is a very helpful module that manages your site image field considering the appropriate device version. Here you are just required to enhance the adaptive outcome for image style plus specify some breakpoints.


The picture is a back-port of the Drupal 8 Picture module. Basing on the device competences it helps in delivering alternative image sources by using HTML5 picture element. This will avoid the act of downloading large images.

Retina Images:

Retina Images are the last module related to image. It uses high pixel density displays which make your images crappier than normal displays even if the image resolution is not good. Retina Images resolve this problem by offering a high resolution images that look good on your website.


FitVids manages videos for your fluid layout. When you implant Vimeo videos or YouTube they come with a specific size. Fitvids is responsible for resizing them to fit suitably to the container automatically.


Tinynav is a navigational tool simply implements the Tinynav. J's jQuery library to convert your menu into a select dropdown for small devices. Now while you resize the browser, the main menu becomes an HTML select list with various options which link to the menu pages.

Mobile Theme:

Mobile Theme is an exciting module that lets you to pick a different theme to be served on mobile devices.


WindowSize basically involved in adding a small window on the top left corner of your screen which dynamically indicate the width and height of the screen. Nevertheless, it is designed to be very handy for Drupal 7 responsive themers to experience.

Thus, these are the 7 cool modules which you can implement while developing responsive themes.

Drupal website: more mobile friendly

Gone are the days when computers and laptops were considered as technology advancement. Now people become tech-savvy and need everything instantly.

With the increasing demand of handheld devices such as Smartphones, tablets and many other recent new inventions, a remarkable increase in mobile friendly websites is noticed. Lots of persons are browsing the Internet from their mobile. Therefore if you really need to make your website reach globally you can take help of an attractive responsive Drupal website which can suitably fit into any device regardless of the size issue and add a few values to the look.

Almost all the handheld devices are now coming with touch screen techniques. Here the downloading and browsing is similar to that of a computer. Therefore, the following are the aspect that should be considered while designing a mobile friendly responsive Drupal website.

  • Size of Font: To provide a smooth browsing experience to the visitors. Proper attention should be given on the font size that should adjust as per to the size of the device.

  • Menu Buttons: The menu buttons should be arranged and placed properly to give it a better look. It should also maintain a proper spacing to provide a better user experience.

All the above points if followed wisely will give you an amazing and attractive responsive Drupal mobile web site. Now you will be able to take guidance from a professional to raise your website to a whole new level.

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