New Hottest Web Design Trends

It can be very challenging for you as a designer to keep up with the ever-changing trends in web designing if you don’t upgrade your skills. The best possible way to enrich the knowledge base is by subscribing to the latest innovations and practicing them on your own. Here we will discuss about some of the new and hottest web designing trends, which you can use to hone your designing skills.

Single Page Designing

The flying visitors of this age get frustrated on navigating around different pages and going through loads of sections to gather what they need. So, the new method of single page website design is now being practiced widely. In this, the entire content is arranged in one single page, which is split horizontally with easy navigation and pointer options. This makes browsing through the website easier without requiring moving back and forth between pages.

Photo Background

A well-placed photo or picture can replace thousand words. This is a highly creative approach used by many design companies, especially in case of business website designing. It is very effective in filling the spaces with single color background or eye-catchy photographs. However, in this case one has to be very careful to keep the photo file size to the minimum for easy loading; otherwise, it can create an adverse impact. Remember this idea is effective only if the photographs used are relevant to the context.

Fixed navigation

This is an innovative technique used by majority of expert designers. This is very useful while designing long blog posts or while browsing through a single page website design. It will be really frustrating for the viewers to scroll through the entire page to get to the top or bottom. The fixed navigation bar effectively solves this problem. These top or side bars will be scrolling along with the viewers’ movements, helping them to reach to any menu right from where they are.

Big buttons and large-size text

Due to the high resolution and capacity of the new-age computer screens, designers are nowadays able to make use of more space for the designs. So, there is no need to shrink the text to fit into a limited space. Larger fonts and more line space can be utilized. It will give a highly relaxed look to the web pages and make them easily readable to the viewers. Also, big sized buttons can be introduced to initiate actions and increase the rate of conversation, which are found to be most effective while browsing through mobile phones and other compact devices.

Other innovative methods like responsive design and parallax scrolling are also being practiced by many web designers all over the world. By gaining proper insight and expertise in all these advanced methods, you can use them to give a unique and perfect look to the sites you work on.

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